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Stuff I’ve Been Drooling Over

January 26, 2010

While I generally don’t advocate for material possessions having importance…here is a blog with a few things that I would die to get my hands on.  Don’t judge me, it’s not my fault I was brought up in a consumerist society…


Knit Picks 5 inch Wooden Double Pointed Needles – $32.99

This is so gorgeous, and having a new passion into knitting lots and lots of socks (the one thing you just  can’t have too many of!), a lot of patterns are hard to do with my current two circular needle system.  I worry a bit about shoving them into my backpack on double-pointed needles, but we shall see…these are ridiculously cheap when compared to buying needles in stores, so it’s frugal!  I swear!!  And then I’d have size 1, which would make my socks a little prettier and tighter, which would be nice.


Nike Sportband – $59.99

*drool*  I’ve always liked Nike+, but ever since my nano took a giant crap when I stuck it inside my sports bra to go running when my armband broke (okay, I sweat like a pig, but seriously?  I didn’t think it would drown in my sweaty cleavage, christ.), I haven’t had it.  I miss it.  I want it back.  Cheaper than Garmin, and can be used on the treadmill.  Always off by just enough to make me shake my fist at it, but never enough to make me actually want to calibrate it.  Basically…I want useless running gear instead of buying an actual watch.  If this could be used as a watch as well, I’d be sold, but….who knows.


SOCK YARN IN GENERAL (varying prices, obviously)

This is a strange obsession, but it’s all so pretty and soft and squishy, I just can’t help myself.  I want all different kinds!  AHHH!  If I were made of money, I would fill rooms with sock yarn.  I mean, LOOK AT THAT SOCK.  It is so floppy and stripey and and and…I have no idea why I love making socks so much, but I do.  I hope to make some sturdier ones when I get some double pointed needles (SEE ABOVE!), and some tougher wool for socks.  I have so many sock patterns stacked up on my ravelry to try when I get the time.  I have been very good so far at not stockpiling yarn (save for some stuff I got on clearance – too good a deal to pass up!) until I finish the previous project, and that slows me down somewhat.  I work on projects when watching TV or on the bus or sitting between classes without anything really to do.  So, it takes a while.  I have a sock that I started before the semester, and I just started on the ankle part of the first sock.  So, every few months, I feel justified spending some dough on sock yarn for the next project.

I could donate an entire post to sock yarn porn, but I won’t.  Instead, I’ll just post this.

Stroll Sock Yarn – $3.96/50gm

This is the cheapest sock yarn I’ve found.  This is because it is sold only on the internet.  I am very hesitant to buy though…is there another reason why it is so cheap?  I can get a solid color of Cascade Heritage (my fav!) for $12 for 100gm.  I guess it isn’t that extreme of a discount.  But…it is.  Worth a shot?  I dunno, but I feel guilty for not trying it.  I can’t feel it up before I buy it.  I am a huge fan of just going to a yarn store and walking around petting yarn.  Is that experience worth around $4 bucks a skein?  Dunno.  Quite a conundrum.  Once I get too lazy to bus out to Borealis for a few skeins, maybe I’ll give it a shot.


Take me back!  Oh, I also need a sock blocker.  Kind of like a cock blocker, but way way better and actually not the same at all.

Additionally, I need some jeans…but that isn’t as sexy as sock yarn, so I’ll just let you imagine my hours spent trying on all sorts of different jeans in order to bring home a pair that I end up hating in a week or so.  I hate shopping for pants!

So, there is my wishlist at the moment.  I will be back with more useless crap that I want to acquire, but until then I ask you to continue being awesome, random internet person.


In the middle of the night, I go walking in my sleep…

January 26, 2010

So, blogging.  Something to pass the time at work?  Let my random thoughts go so people aren’t forced to listen to them (you chose to stumble upon this site, I suppose).

This has no point.  Points suck.  I guess I’ll write whatever I’m into at the moment.

Expect more content later.  Or don’t.