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Home for the Weekend

February 21, 2010

This weekend I drove down to Madison, WI to visit my parents.  I had been planning to either way, but my old black lab Molly is going to be put down next week sometime, so it was doubly nice to go down to visit her one last time.  She was a good dog for lots and lots of years (she’s 12), but you can just tell she isn’t happy anymore.  When it’s time, it’s time.  I’m glad I get a bit of space for that whole event…it will be emotional.  It looks like it will be a busy week, so hopefully I’ll keep myself distracted.

Hopefully there will be a big ol’ lake in doggy-heaven where she can swim for hours and hours.  🙂

In other news, I finished a sock.  I’ll update with pictures once I charge up my real digital camera…these shitty webcam pictures just aren’t doing it for me.   It is gorgeous!  It took forever to finish the first sock because I had turned my scarf into my project that got smashed into my bag every day to work on in class and on the bus.  But I’ve been making lots of progress on the scarf, and I think it’s getting a big long and cumbersome to travel with.  This means the sock will take it’s rightful place in my bag…which means it should go pretty quickly.  After screwing up the toe once (which uses the same technique as the heel) I think I have that memorized, so I should be able to work without a pattern after I get past the weird cuff thing at the top of the sock.  I’ll be glad to get my first pair of socks for ME off the needles.  I think my gauge is a little loose, and I’m looking forward to making my next pair on US #1.  I’m going to be using a self-striping yarn, and I want to try to do two socks at once using magic loop.  Yikes…still haven’t totally thought through the repercussions of that yet, but it should be interesting!

I mentioned the lace scarf, and I LOVE the pattern.  It’s very soothing, and the yarn is just amazing.  I’m 90% sure one skein of the mal sock should be enough, which means I can sell back the other skein for something else.  I also got a prepaid debit visa of sorts from my parents…around $50 left over, which will most likely go to yarn at some point.  Not sure what I want to get yet…I’ve been pondering a few different sweaters – I either want to make a bigger, tough wool sweater or a nice soft cardigan.  The big tough sweater will end up being cheaper (most likely), but I’ve been eying some madeline tosh worsted after it was mentioned on a podcast I listen to (Never Not Knitting) to make a Tea Leaf Cardigan.


Otherwise…I haven’t found any patterns I like to make a big, oversized sweater…and seeing as I stole a pretty comfy big sweater from home, the above cardi is looking more and more likely.  Meh.  We shall see.

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