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February 16, 2010

I’m coming down off a freakout of sorts.  Got a worksheet back with a 5/18 score and flipped my shit.  This class (i.e. Plant Biochem) is going to tank my GPA worse than it already is.  I frantically got onto grad planner and figured out if I could drop the damn thing and take ecological genetics in the fall instead.  I can…barely.  It’ll be a full 15 credit semester in the fall, but 3 of the credits will be a political science class.  (Why didn’t I just major in polisci to begin with…SIGH.)  I feel like the plant biochem was WAY WAY over my head, and I wasn’t very good in regular biochem, what made me think this would be any easier??  GAH.

SO.  This summer, I will be doing research (3 credits, hopefully, unless I can get a paid gig), and taking cell biology (another 3 credits, M/W/F, 2 hrs a day or so).  It’s way doable.  That will knock out my research requirement, and make it possible to fit another class into Fall…

Forest Ecology (4)

Biochem Lab (ugh) (2)

Ecology (3)

Molecular Ecology And Ecological Genomics (3)

International Relations (3)


That’s a full load, but people do it all the time.  I’ve done it all the time!  I’d love to have a UROP project on top of that as well, because I’m sorta batshit crazypants.

But I just dropped plant biochem.  Took a W.  I’m not going to grad school anyway, so it’s better than the C/D I would have gotten had I finished out the semester.  HOLY BALLS.  I’m so freaked out right now, but it should all be fine.  I’m going to go to advising later in the day/week and figure everything out.

Alright, needed to blurt that out to somebody.  Seeing as the internet doesn’t listen back, this is slightly futile, but I digress.  I’m going to sit here and feverishly make sure my grad planner works out before I head up to do some research.  Yikes.

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