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February 15, 2010

So, I got my package! All very exciting. Haven’t used any of the yarn yet – too much other awesome stuff going on. Am using the needles though…so glorious. I’m a huge fan..HUGE.

However…some projects I’m working on now:

Sock! I ripped out the sock I had been working on, and started with the Nutkin pattern instead. I love it. I would have most certainly finished it, if it hadn’t been for the damn Malabrigo sock yarn.

(This is not my picture, but I have a shitty camera, so I can’t even begin to capture the amazing colors this yarn contains.)

I have been making a lace scarf instead!  It’s gorgeous!  I’ll have to learn how to wear fashion scarves, but it’ll be worth it.  A spring/fall scarf perhaps.

So so so so so gorgeous.  The yarn is just stunning.  I wasn’t planning on having a purple/blue colorway, but it was all that was left at my yarn store, and I have since fallen hard for it.  The picture, as always, fails to capture the subtle color changes and different shades of purples, blues, and even reddish (odd, but stunning).

That’s gonna be all for now, because I have a crazy amount of studying to do for a test on Wednesday (not to mention a computing lab due Tuesday night…hopefully it won’t be spent at the laundromat this time).  So, until next time…

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