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Death to Computer Science

February 9, 2010

This class should not be difficult, but it is turning out to be a bit frustrating. GO FIGURE. The class that always gets the least attention manages to come back and punch you in the face. They are all so needy.

Welp, guess I should inform my maybe one anonymous viewer today that I was awesome and got up to take a morning shower! Had time to blowdry my hair, eat breakfast…it was nice! So…maybe I should do that more often? Haha. What a thought. We’ll see how that goes. 7 isn’t that early, and I honestly look about a million times better when I take the extra 5 minutes or so to do something with my hair. My hair has been a common theme of this blog so let’s move on…

SO GLAD I ripped out my socks last night – I’ve been feverishly trying to catch back up to where I was, and I’m in love with the pattern that I chose. I’m not on my computer at the moment (stuck in the IT lab…linux!), but I will update later with a picture. I’ll hopefully be finishing off the leg tonight at work. Getting lots more sock yarn in the mail sometime this week…yay! However, I’m positively drooling (drooling I say!) over the new Malabrigo sock yarn – people say it’s soft like the worsted and the colorways are always amazing with Malabrigo. I’m going to hold myself back until I at least finish the current pair of socks. I have high hopes to make myself a sock weight lace scarf. It sounds like a great idea, but I feel like this project will end up being very frustrating. (project on rav, yarn on rav)

Some seriously gorgeous yarn colorways

Exercise! Back to the I’m-a-fat-lard thing…I have not been running or swimming or doing anything the last few weeks. This makes me very sadddd. Will talk more about this later.

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