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I am a big fat lard.

January 28, 2010

Okay, so maybe not really.  But I’ve allowed myself to get more pudgy than I’d like to admit.  All of this being said after I ate a giant Chipotle burrito and downed a chai latte.  I am ashamed…

I did run today though.  Short!  I hate the treadmill…DREADMILL!  When you are outside, you can be like “oh, only this far until the bridge” and “oh i just have a few more blocks!”.  On the treadmill, it’s all based on your mileage, or based on time.  I usually try to do an even number of miles, so I’m always trying to go faster to finish faster, so I can get my ass off the damn treadmill!  However, this leads me to running faster than I can maintain for more than a couple of miles, which means I have to cut my run short.  UGH – bad habits.

When you are outside, there are also tons of things to observe as you go by, instead of staring at your vague reflection in the glass.  Additionally, you can wear whatever the fuck you want, so long as you don’t die of frostbite or heat stroke.  And you can go explore cool places – the farther I convince myself to go, the more cool stuff I can see.  I hate running at my podunk hometown, because there isn’t anything to look at besides FARMS.  Where are my city neighborhoods and playgrounds with tiny kids that run with me as I go by, or weird people standing around on the sidewalk?  Alas.  It is a good thing I am in the city most of the time.

I walked in with knee-length tights (bodyglide hasn’t come in the mail yet…hooboy) and a tank-top to the rec center today.  A tank top!  Not even a skanky tank top…those who know me know that I’m really not one to run around in skimpy clothing, especially when working out.  It is a loose fitting shirt with my shoulders completely covered.  Essentially a t-shirt with the sleeves cut off at the seams.  But I had to wear this ginormus t-shirt they had sitting around that went past my crotch, and the sleeves went past my elbows.  AS ALWAYS, thank you, slutty girls who force places to put these rules into place.  Hmph.

Anyway.  Running outside is always better than inside.  Was out last night in a -11 windchill.  Who’s hardcore now?  Now to do it on a regular basis.  To aid in this task, I did actually go out and buy a sportband from Nike.  I KNOW, I’m poor.  I think it will be worth it though.  Joined a couple of challenges…woo?  Hopefully it will pan out.  Long term habits and what have you.

We shall see…I’m contemplating getting outside tonight, and it’s officially balls-to-the-walls cold (not that I have any, but that is besides the point).  I can’t let unknown internet people get ahead of me in my challenge!!  I am eyerolling at myself, but it’s just the slight motivation to do those few extra miles.  Currently at a wind-chill of -7 at 3:38 in the afternoon.  Oof.

In not “I need to move my ass around more” news, I got into the lab for the first time today – woooo!  Took a shit-ton of lab safety things on the interwebz.  I met the postdoc working in our lab, as well as another prof in the pbio program.  Washed some agar and other basic stuff, should start growing my cultures next week – although he has a few sitting around I’ll start practising on.  Hurrah!  I’m nerding out about it – they just finally cloned the gene that I’m working on after years and years, so that’s exciting.  Wooooo.

Swim, chlamy, swim!

Okay.  I’ve been writing this in between doing my lab for computer science – debugging a perl script.  Still don’t know how this is going to help me, but perhaps in time we will do something productive.  I just made a script that has the output:

this Seems to be ok
Whats going on here?

As strange as that looks – it’s totally what it’s supposed to do, except for the “.=”  OY – so nitpicky!  I’m not totally sure what I’m supposed to do with that, but…meh.  I have the weekend to try to figure it out.

ENOUGH!  I’m done for now.  Until later…

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